The Global Health Collaboration Association:


The Global Health Collaboration Association (GHCA) was founded by ILSC to include NGOs and the Council of Organizations. The purpose of the Global Health Collaboration Association is to develop conferences and programs for the public (free of charge) that support the UN's Sustainable Goals. The Council of Organizations was founded by President Truman and Eleanor Roosevelt in the 1940's in support of the United Nations.


Global Health Series:


Topic:               Advancing UN Sustainable Development Goal 3 (Good Health & Well-being)

Date/Time:      June 29, 2017

Speakers:        Nata Menadbe, PhD, Executive Director of WHO Office, New York City

                         Rama Lakshminarayanan, MD, MBA, Senior Health Specialist, World Bank                    

                         David Luke, PharmD.

                         Steve Scholand, MD, Associate Professor, Quinnipiac University

                         Norman Gray, PhD, Quinnipiac University

                         Richard Lutes, MD, President, Angam Scienti­fic

                         Rick Flath, President, ILSC

                         Koraljka Gall Troselj, MD, PhD, Rudjer Boskovic Institute

                         Joann Halpern, PhD, Director, German Center for Research and Innovation, New York City, and                                        Adjunct Professor at New York University

                         Barry Kreiswirth, PhD, Professor of Medicine, Rutgers University, Director, TB Center 

Topic:              Climate Change and Its Impact on Children’s Health

Date:               Nov. 17, 2016

Speakers:       Marc Jourdan, UN Programs Manager, Global Foundation for Development

                        Jon Lourie, JD, Partner, Duane Morris

                        Sarah Graham, Student, Quinnipiac University

                        Richard Lutes, MD, President, Angam Scientifi­c

                        Jules Mitchel, PhD, President, Target Health

                        Larry Cass, Senior Vice President, USI Insurance Services



Topic:              Sustainable Development Healthcare Delivery: Nutraceuticals & Products

Date:               June 1, 2015

Speakers:       Prof. Yung-Chi Cheng, PhD, Yale University School of Medicine

                        Longgui Wang, Natrogen

                        Pudupakkam K. Vedanthan, PhD, President of Global Chest Initiatives Founder of International                                       Asthma Services

                         Xiu-Min Li, PhD, Icahn Medical School, Mount Sinai Hospital

                         Jules Mitchel, PhD, Target Health

                         Mary Shatzoff, Target Health

                         Glen Park, Target Health

                         Eric Patridge, PhD 

                         Kara Fitzgerald, President, NDI

                         David Brenman, CEO of Sustained Release

                         David Aylward, Ashoka Senior Advisor, Global Health and Technology

                         Peikwen Cheng, Co-Founder of Yiviva

                         Gary Deng, MD, PhD, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

                         Koraljka Gall Troselj, MD, PhD, Rudjer Boskovic Institute

Topic:              Antibiotic Resistance and Obsolescence: Meeting the Major Disease Challenge for Post-2015

Date:               August 28, 2014

Speakers:       May Chu, PhD, Assistant Director of Public Health in the Office for Science Technology Policy                                           (OSTP)/Executive Office of the President of United States

                        Allan Goldberg, PhD, President and CEO, Avacyn Pharmaceuticals

                        Ambassador (ret.) John E. Lange, Senior Fellow, Global Health United Nations Foundation

                        Jonathan Lourie, JD, Partner at Duane Morris

                        Jules Mitchel, PhD, President, Target Health

                        Reza Naghavi, PhD, Medical Director and Board Member of Global for Health Development

                        Elijah Paintsil, MD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics Infectious Diseases Pharmacology at
                           Yale School of Medicine and a Founder of the Ghana Partnership for Global Health

                        Pilar Ramon-Pardo, Regional Advisor on Clinical Management of Diseases and Antimicrobial                                           Resistance Surveillance the Pan Health Organization (PAHO)

                        Eric Utt, PhD, Director in the Pfizer Global Policy Center of Excellence



Topic:              The Future of Life Sciences and the Post-2015 Sustainable Agenda, with an Emphasis in the Future                             of Antibiotic

Date:                March 5, 2014

Speakers:       Michael Kinch, PhD, Managing Director, Yale Center for Molecular Discovery

                        Jo Handelsman, PhD, Director, Small World Initiative and Howard Medical Institute and
                            Frederic P. Rose, Professor at Yale University

                        Allan R. Goldberg, PhD, President and CEO, Avacyn Pharmaceuticals

                        Jacob Kumaresan, PhD, Executive Director of World Health Organization

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